I have always known there is a higher power that guides everything I do.

My earliest memories were of experiencing energies, having premonitions, knowing truths about others, yet not always understanding what it was that I was experiencing. I would just know random things about someone as I would walk by a person or be near someone. I would pull pain out of someone – healing – without consciously trying to. I began transmuting energies effortlessly as a child, being divinely guided every step of the way.

When I graduated from college, I was working in my field as a broadcast journalist. Initially this seemed a good fit for my interest in sharing the truth. However; mainstream news was not what I wanted to communicate. I then experienced a great sadness in my life. My father died when he was 49 and I was 22, and that was a catalyst for getting into a deeper alignment with who I AM and my purpose.

I began a complete immersion into understanding the world on various levels. Human behavior wasn’t the only topic I began understanding at depth; I was also understanding the unseen world, the world of energy.

It was always natural for me to see people at their deepest essence - their soul level.

I would feel a deep awareness and understanding about people since my energy and the energies that work through me connect so deeply. I began studying all I could in my quest for understanding what my previous experiences had been.

Years later, well on my healing path, I realized I wanted to communicate and share the truth of Divine healing energy and the power we all have to harness and use it in our lives.

I view health from an energetic standpoint.

Everything is made of energy. In general, when the energy systems are working and flowing properly, health is attained.  When energy becomes stuck in the body, health can become constricted, compromised, and eventually dis-eased. The body holds our life story. This work helps to release aspects that no longer serve us. The energies that work through me are highly loving and permissive, allowing for the release of negative emotions and former trauma. The body does everything it can to protect the heart. In general, we have taught our body to hold emotions and energies in places so as not to burden the heart. This work helps the body to heal and release all types of pain and allow new expansive patterns to be created for our well-being.

What are Audrey’s Beliefs about Energy Work?

I believe energy medicine is one of the most powerful and important ways to heal.

In energy medicine, the energy IS the medicine.

And this medicine heals deeply on multiple levels – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, lineage and karmic. Someone may come to me for knee pain, but what I find is they are holding the energy of a pain from childhood from a very particular event in their knee, and often in other areas of the body. I often see visions when I am working with someone – of their truth. I see these scenes of their experiences as they are healing – as the energy is leaving their body. In energy work, I am also shown who they are at the deepest level, their soul level.

What are Audrey’s Beliefs about You?

Your body wants to be healed by you. And when we work together, YOU are doing the healing. I am facilitating the process, and connecting and attuning you to higher frequencies of energy to heal you in just the ways that are meant for you. I am discerning the energies contained in you and your field, and reading how they are being transmuted through the work for your health.

I never know what will happen in a session. Various levels of healing occur for you, in the most appropriate way for you to receive.

Always, there is sacredness in the healing. The soul wants to be seen, and it is my greatest honor to see and reflect back who my clients truly are at the deepest soul level.

What makes Audrey a Master Healer?

Combining years of training and experience with her natural ability to discern, understand and transmute energies contained in everything - a person, a house, land, furniture, etc., she is fluent in frequency. She brings in clarity and purity - of mind, body and spirit - so that the highest, most loving frequencies of divine healing energy can flow in and through her, allowing deep healing for those with whom she works.

Audrey’s most powerful ability is to discern what the energies are, understand them and know how to transmute them by bringing in very high frequencies of unconditional love for deep healing. She then attunes the people she works with to do that for themselves, as much as their present capacity can allow. As a Spiritual Teacher, she is constantly empowering others to attain self-awareness, understanding and healing.

  • Somatic Healing Degree, 2014 from Alchemy Institute with David Quigley
  • Mediumship Training, 2012 from Kripalu Institute with James Van Praagh
  • Angel Guide Training, 2011 from Kripalu Institute with Doreen Virtue
  • Foot, Hand Reflexology Level III from Kripalu Institute with Eileen Donovan and Face Reflexology with Laura Norman 2007-2011
  • Reiki Master Degree, 2009 from Kripalu Institute with Libby Barnett
  • Shamanic Training/Energy Medicine – various trainings
  • B.A. in English/Communications