Thermography Screenings

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  • Infrared thermography is best known for breast screening.
  • It offers the unique insight of a “first glance” at developing conditions long before the much later stage detection of conventional imaging.
  • It also offers the benefit of pure & safe imaging. There is no risk of damage to the fragile cellular DNA or to delicate breast implants.
  • There is No harmful radiation
  • It is easy and painless

There are special protocols for treatment of all early stage conditions to give a woman the added benefit of prevention to avoid unwanted disease. This can save her the heartache of treatment and undesirable risk associated with later stage detection.

Because of the nature of the development of breast disease and the fact that a tumor in the breast is slow growing, taking 8-10 years to mature into a visible growth, thermal imaging is ideal to detect the highly visible vascular activity that facilitates tumor growth, even in its microscopic stages.

Thermography exclusively detects physiological vascular activity while mammography is an x-ray that captures well defined anatomical structures in the breast. The two tests record two completely different pathological processes and one does not replace the other.
Thermography is not a stand alone device and does not replace a mammogram or any other diagnostic device or examination and is recommended as an adjunct to Mammography.

Fact: Inflammation is the earliest stage of almost all major health challenges.

Medical Thermal Imaging easily detects conditions in the inflammatory stage. This is when you can still prevent disease as opposed to trying to treat a disease in its latest & most critical stages.

What is it?

It is a scientifically established and accepted means to measure the quantity and patterns of heat emitting from the human body with a patented, FDA registered device. It is a totally safe, non-invasive, non-contact means to measure how well your body is regulating its internal environment by mapping the thermal output. This highly sensitive and specific imaging method is computerized as an image of your body in a color map that makes it easy to read.

It is referred to as ” Medical Infrared Imaging” because it shows how well your body is functioning as compared to an x-ray, or a Mammogram. These tests have their benefits, but the unique benefit with Medical Infrared Imaging is that it can reveal changes leading to potential health problems long before they threaten your health and/or it can confirm something you suspect but your doctor has no means to confirm or refute the condition exists.

Why it works

By measuring changes in your body’s thermal radiant heat, we see “bio-markers, bio-fingerprints” or “risk indicators” that published medical research confirms can reveal tell-tale signs of tumors, toxins, and disease, months or even years earlier than traditional imaging procedures. You then have time to pursue natural, conservative treatment options.

Why Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging’s Place in Modern Medicine
The rapidly growing problem of breast cancer is beginning to have an effect on more people as friends and loved ones are sadly touched with this unforgiving disease. Traditionally, most cases occur in women over fifty years of age, but the greatest increase in incidence has been in younger women.

The usefulness of mammography as a stand-alone method of detecting breast cancer has been decreasing over time as larger numbers of women are entering groups of lower sensitivity to X-ray. Women with dense breasts (usually pre-menopausal) , fibrocystic disease, fatty breasts and implants have diminished the sensitivity of mammography.

In addition, mammography has been implicated as a potent factor in the dramatic rise in breast cancer. Numerous studies in recent years have now established the effects of DNA damage caused by low-dose radiation, consistently used in mammography. The fact that exposure and damage are cumulative means that each exposure increases the risk of the initiation of cancer. One study reveals a probable 5% increase of risk with each exposure.

There are other factors that also raise risk. The use of oral contraceptives for more than four years prior to first full term pregnancy or extended use of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) make breast cells more sensitive to carcinogens and toxins that we are exposed to everyday. Environmental factors are a major cause of carcinogens that affect the breasts. Proof of this is shown when migrants from countries with low incidence of breast cancer to countries of high incidences will increase to match the higher incidence rate.

What all this means is that our lifestyles put us a risk. Our society and lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last 30 years. We must be flexible to change to the needs of our culture. Diagnosing breast cancer early is of critical importance to surviving the disease. The survival rate of stage one disease is approximately 91% while survival of stage three drops to approximately 40%.

For anyone who is dedicated to the protection of women’s health, there is a demand to provide the most effective combination of diagnostic methods and to develop every method with demonstrated potential. High-definition, high-resolution radiometric digital infrared imaging (thermography) has demonstrated its potential and will soon take its place among conventional modalities. The only question is how many more women must die before conventional medicine dedicates the resources necessary to more fully develop that potential.

Earlier detection of abnormalities is better. Women also prefer Infrared Imaging because there is no harmful radiation, it’s painless and easy.
Regular breast screening with Thermal Imaging is important, at least on an annual basis because any changes in normal function will appear in comparative studies. Comparative studies also afford the opportunity to review changes and corroborate them with any subtle signs or symptoms you may have. Through routine use of thermal imaging, you will have options for non-invasive treatment for any early stage abnormal conditions.

Image of Health offers the benefits of safe screening without the risk of radiation with the use of high-definition, high-resolution thermal imaging. Earlier detection will make the difference. If your doctor does not recommend the advanced technology of thermography, it is available without a prescription. Until thermography takes its rightful place in the fight against breast disease, you can be proactive and take advantage of this advanced, safe, painless and proven screening technique at Image of Health.

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