You’re here because you want to heal.

Pain is a collection of energy. Once you understand that, you can learn to move the energy and heal the pain.

Our body holds our life story: every emotion, situation and experience we have had is stored in our body until we learn how to release it. The body does everything it can to protect the heart. The body will store frequencies of emotions and experiences in organs, joints, glands, bones and cells in order to protect the heart from sensing or re-experiencing pain.

The energy body was formed first before the physical body. Everything felt on the physical level is first affected on the energetic level. That’s why energy medicine is such an integral part of the healing process.

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I‘m so glad you found me…. Let‘s begin our journey to your wellness.


Energy Healing Sessions

I offer healing sessions that are highly personalized and customized to each individual's needs. When I meet with you I let the energy guide me as to what you need. A session can consist of at least one, but usually many more of the 40+ healing practices I offer.


Audrey is a powerhouse of heart and divine light.

– Cressey

Audrey is at once humble and THE most powerful healer.

– Susan

Audrey educates and informs as she feels and heals.

– Stacy

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